Selera KaMi


Tomyam sayur
Ayam goreng with rolled oat
Telur dadar.

Hub was complaining, he took too lıttle of veggıes nowadays. He experıenced dıffıcultıes when he meet Mr. T. Hehehe…  In a way, he would like to say, pls cook , i am out of budget this mth. Pffttt…. har har!!  I forced him to eat all the veggies and straight after, he went too meet mr. T. Now, You see, how fast and effective.

Then, i managed to prepared some foods for him to work.


2 pcs of rolled oat  fried chicken
3 slices of white bread
A bit of Thai chilli sauce.


Selera Rayyan


Ikan selar masak pındang
Ikan goreng garıng
Sayur bayam goreng

Selera Rayyan, my eldest. He wıll keep askıng for more rıce untıl we fınıshed up the whole dısh. Owh my dear!  I love ıt when seeıng you have the appetıte to eat. Whıle for Ranıa, she ıs happy eater. She eats everythıng-tolak batu dan kayu, she ıs the one who ıs not afraıd to try. Kalau x sedap, dıa reject. Klu sedap, she wıll ask for more. I love you my baby..

Note : bz bz as bee..bzbzbzzzbzzzz

Big portions!!


Big portions for carbs lover. Roasted Breast Chicken with baked potatos & black pepper gravy with spaghetti and mixed salad. Yummmm..yum.. Sorry 4 the lumpy gravy, hahahaha… i guess too much flour. But it’s still tasted good with the potatos.

Baked potatos – mixed with parsley n mixed herbs n a bit of salt. Cover with aluminium foils. Baked for at least 60mins 250°c.   i used american white potato, quite big in size. Sweet n creamy. Delicious!!

Spaghetti – saute dice onions n garlic, put a spoonful tomato sauce (i didnt have any fresh tomato dat time). Use normal spoon, u should balance ur volume of ur spaghetti. Mine is a small portions, about one small bowl of spaghetti. Then,  seasoning, salt,herbs,oregano n all. Last but not least, mixed together with ur spaghetti. My first attempt using tomato sauce in bottle. It was not bad at all. Walla… try it! I loved it.

Mee Suah


Mee Suah Soup with Veggies & Black Fungus (Cloud Ears)

(saute some onions and garlics (Chopped fine), diced breast chicken + water, then let it boiled , put some tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, any veg. will do. Seasoning, salt, pepper ( a bit), then put mee suah and last but not least egg. Don’t wait too long, enough until the egg is half cooked, then dinner is served ya’ll) * if you love spicy, put some chillies, the green one. Sure terangkat! Be careful, mee suah soaked with water very fast! 

Slurp..slurp!! Mummy ape tuh? Hmm..sedapnya mummy! Kita nak lagi…,” that was Rayyan said an hour ago. He felt a sleep after 2 bowls of mee suah soup. While adek ate most of the chicken on the mee suah. And what’s more left for me, I’ve to finish the veggies and the black fungus. I love when a meal with black fungus, i just love the crunchiness. Plus, Black fungus is good for improving blood circulations. Yummehh!! This would be fastest meal if I went back home late. Just like mee maggi but you’re having mee suah with lots and lots of veggies. Easy and I think most kids would love it. Plus husband is not at home. Hik hik..      Peace daddy!

Mee Sua is lesser calories than rice vermicelli. Per serving Mee Sua is 180 cals, while vermicelli rice is 280 cals. *Resources from 

Some Information:-

Preparation: Fungus must be soaked in warm water prior to use (15 minutes for small, 30 minutes for large). It swells to many times its size. After soaking, the fungus is rinsed thoroughly and trimmed of the tough, gritty part where it was attached to the wood. Then, particularly if using the large variety, it is cut into pieces of a suitable size and shape before adding to a dish.

Medicinal uses: Black fungus has a reputation in Chinese herbal medicine for increasing the fluidity of the blood and improving circulation. It is given to patients who suffer from atherosclerosis. Western medicine is now investigating centuries-old claims made by Eastern sages and finding them surprisingly accurate.

Homemade Fish & Chips


Homemade Fish & Chips with mushroom sauce made with Love.

Fish : Frozen Dory Fish, Dipped with tepung  goreng serbaguna & breadcrumbs, then fry until golden brown.

Mushroom Sauce : Button mushroom, butter, milk, wheat flour, black pepper, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, gula + garam, sedikit air.

Salad : Mixed Salad with Blanched Carrots, Sweet Peas, Broccoli

Chips : Beli any chips for market and goreng mcm biase.

Total Calories Counted:

1. Fish Fillet                                       172 (Per 100g serving)

2. Mixed Vegetables                      30 ( 1 cup)

3. Mushroom Sauce                       10 ( per serving)

4. Chips                                                293 (113g)

Mine is 222 cal.  Nope I didn’t take the chips, that one for husband. I have 2 portions of mushroom sauce though.  ( “_,)



Adek’s POU…


Pou not feeling well

Adek latest game. Her name is POU. Adek loves it so much.  Everytime she went dirty, adek’ll quickly go and wash pou with soap. Then when she is hungry, adek’ll buy some foods for pou. Definitely all the food she bought was candy and chocolates. Then, when she ate so much, she will become fatter, then i will quickly go beserk and asked adek to buy fat burner. They even have fat burner i tell ya’ll..  mak dia plak yg over kan. Mcm2 laa.. play games when pou gets boring, feed her, give medicine, wash her poo poo, adek now is so attached with her pou. My hub said, “Pou ni pon dah macam mak dia, bam bam…” mak dia of coursela dak adek. Huhuhu…

His first day at school

Today we both are on leave from work dek kerana menghantar anakanda tersayang ke sekolah! Sekolah Main Main org kata. My first intention, i wish he can build social skills by mixing around with people at his age. Second, we open a book and ask him to read ABC or 123, he was just ignoring me. Until now he can only write a word A and none others. He knows some colours but all dark colours he called it Black. Haha.. maybe I am not type of good teacher mother, thus I wish if I send him to school, so he would be able to learn something and develop his brain at this age. By the way, school only few hours 12pm to 4pm. Dear baby sitter is willing to send him to school which is few houses away only from her house.


He held me to tight, asked me to not leave him


After the playing session, finally he let go of my hand! And he was found sit nicely on his chair while holding a pencil. So I quickly left him, without saying anything. Actually, I was just outside, look at him from far.



Adek being so nice, waiting for abang outside the school. ” Bro, Dont worry I’ll be always beside you!”

ImageAdek very nice with school bag and dear pacifier! Hmmm…