Senorita, I am married..

Hye folks,

I just got back to office after a-not-to-long-holiday, sigh..wish for another week of resting days. The receptions were done on both side, Alhamdulillah..everything went amazingly well although I am still restless. It’s tiring i tell you. Phew! But looking everyone faces around you were happy on that day. all the tiring, the restless, the headaches were gone.

Now, we started to live with each other alone in a house yesterday. I knew its’ hard but at least we are trying hard to get the best for each other.  I know marriage life gonna be tough, but I pray hard to Allah , the best for our marriage. Insya-Allah.

Anyway, the wedding pics are on preview on our photographers’ web photo. The pics will be ready in a month time. Huhu. Cant wait for that day,  Our professional photographers for wedding in Perak (my side), abg fadhil from and at masjid tanah (on hubby side) was Abg Din and Kak Rosza from . The one on the header was from a young and skilful shooter, awie from was brought along by mozabas team.  It was good having them as our photgrapher, we are having fun shooting at Pulau Conet (small island) at Pengkalan Balak. We were having fun walking around the beach until we forgot that we still have another custom dress left for the dressing session. We havent got much time for the outdoor session, hubby felt a bit frustated, but we plan to go for another outdoor session later. Haha. With all the candid pics by abg fadhil and the photo shoot at the brides’ room with the friends. We had so much enjoy during the photo shooting. Thank you so much, You guys just did an amazing job, capturing our big days that turns to the unforgettable memories in our life.


Senorita..I am damn lazy to work..

hye folks..

I feel like I’m loosing my focus to work already.. its 2 days till my holiday started..can’t wait to go back home and to get done with the ceremony things. you know, i’m on HOLIDAY MOOD though.. Today, I have to make sure to pay my car loan and the telephone bills.

I just got back from lunch with a colleague, today I dont feel like going to I accompanied my colleague for lunch. I just had kuey tiow goreng from auntie.  Yummy..yummy.. Anyway, I shudn’t eat much since the wedding ceremony is coming up. Senorita, help me to get back on my diet. Anyhow, yesterday I went to gym after two weeks roughly I didn’t managed to go for gym due to ‘busy’ with the office works and the solemnization preparation. You know what, I managed to loose around 3kgs.. huhu..something to proud of.  Well..some more kilos to shed of, say sayonara to fatty..I’m sorry I’m loosing you…dont worry after later I might have more of you. But shld I say, enough for now. I am stictly on diert.. huhu did I mentioned just now I just had kuey teow goreng!..sigh..forgive me! ..I am too tempted with auntie’s cooks.

Orite..enough for now, Shld get back to work. Will see you later senorita.


Senorita….I just resigned with the title of ‘SINGLE’

hye folks,

Alhamdulillah, after 2nd time lafaz..i am now a wife for a husband, a beloved husband. The ceremony went smoothly even there were bits here and there. but I praise my pray to Allah for His bless to our marriage. The solmenization is done, the big ceremony coming up next week. Sigh. I guess it must be a hectic and tired week. I just back to work and will be going back to Perak for the wedding preparation.  I am on 2 weeks holiday, first week on my side and the other week on his side.

Here, is the photo by mozabas wedding shooter. Anyway, i look bad without smiling..


The solemnization on 28th June 2008