Senorita..I am damn lazy to work..

hye folks..

I feel like I’m loosing my focus to work already.. its 2 days till my holiday started..can’t wait to go back home and to get done with the ceremony things. you know, i’m on HOLIDAY MOOD though.. Today, I have to make sure to pay my car loan and the telephone bills.

I just got back from lunch with a colleague, today I dont feel like going to I accompanied my colleague for lunch. I just had kuey tiow goreng from auntie.  Yummy..yummy.. Anyway, I shudn’t eat much since the wedding ceremony is coming up. Senorita, help me to get back on my diet. Anyhow, yesterday I went to gym after two weeks roughly I didn’t managed to go for gym due to ‘busy’ with the office works and the solemnization preparation. You know what, I managed to loose around 3kgs.. huhu..something to proud of.  Well..some more kilos to shed of, say sayonara to fatty..I’m sorry I’m loosing you…dont worry after later I might have more of you. But shld I say, enough for now. I am stictly on diert.. huhu did I mentioned just now I just had kuey teow goreng!..sigh..forgive me! ..I am too tempted with auntie’s cooks.

Orite..enough for now, Shld get back to work. Will see you later senorita.



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