Senorita..Tragedy Part 1

Hye Folks..

Selamat Hari Raya!! Maaf Zahir Batin. Utk seluruh umat Islam walau kat mana jua berada…semoga Syawal tahun ini memberi seribu makna kepada anda. Anyway,Aku mmg sungguh malas mengupdate. Blog bersawang….lame tak menjenggah.

Actually, as newly married this raya, we are getting good. The things happened just before the Hari Raya made us appreciate us even more. Pada tanggal 28/9/08 around 1.00am we are headed to our home at krubung from masjid tanah. Ktorg were bz helping the in laws jual songkok (fyi, my in laws ade bukak kedai menjahit n kedai songkok at m.tanah) so thats why balek lambat ke krubung. yerla after break fasting then kemas2..tolong2 apa yg patut..sedar tak sedar dh pukul 1pg. Tp since got housechores to be done at home. The house needs cleaning also i need to do the laundry. yerla we planned to balek perak this year. so nak clean the house, hv enuff rest before drive to sitiawan on monday morning. plus mr shah needs some rests as he is working on saturday.  Then after salam and kisses goodbye with the in laws, we drove back to krubung.

We were talking about the preparation and in fact we tot can singgah at klebang to see anything we can buy there. (tot to buy something for my mum). Then we reached at the Hutan Simpan which the jalan was all simpang siur and byk selekoh. The moment we were on the last selekoh ( it was actually already near the junction to melaka), I saw a motorcycle light, we tot he was taking a lap on the selekoh but the motorcycle was lost his tracks and at instant he bumped our car. I can only remember there was lights came towards us and then the front mirror was cracked and hancusss. we got out from the car immediately. I tasted blood inside my mouth. Then I straight away spit on the side of the road. It was blood coming out. I felt so scared. I saw the motorcycle’s rider was lying on the road. I felt painful on my chess. Mr Shah came to me to see whether I was ok or not. I asked him to called his mum for helps. Then I was panicked. Right after that, there was another guy arrived and claimed that guy was his friend. I remember he asked for help. “Bang, tolong ni kawan saya”. The car cannot starts at all. I remember Mr Shah said, keta takleh start. Tahan Keta lain. The that guy went to his friend and asked him whether he able to mengucap.Right after a car stopped and sent him to the Hospital Kem Terendak. Then, I called my mum. I know I shldn’t do that and I felt so much regret about them since I made them worried. =(

To be continued………….


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