Senorita… The Eid Mubarak 2008 Piccas

Hye all..

On Hari Raya, we tried to enjoy the Hari Raya. Plus my family come over instead. I’m so touched ok. So the day before raya, we went back to Bukit Piatu. My mum kpg. With hope that we can forget the tragedy and enjoy the hari raya. We did enjoyed the raya. PLus everyone were worried about us. But we dont want to talk much about those things and so we enjoyed the raya. I know Mr Shah still feeling worried and anxious. Takpela time flies…lambat laun we hv to move on.

anyway, enjoy some of the piccas..

US =) on Hari Raya 2008 (comel kan...!!huhu)


Me lovey dovey famili…(dr kiri- sakinah, mr shah, me,nizam. depan dr kiri- me daddy, me mummy n the youngest adek syafiqah) (not in the pic my 2 others bro, iwan n syahir..both them kerja)

                                            With me parents, pakuda n mak uda..

Cousins – Blkd dr kiri-Nizam, mr shah, me, azrul, didie and Depan dr kiri Wani, Syafiqah, Kinah n Kak Sue

                                                                            The Girls


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