Senorita… The Port Luck or The Farewell..

Hye folks,

Everyone in the office are being anticipation waiting for the jamuan today.
Well we actually planned to have one of our colleague farewell party, asd
with the jamuan hari raya. Huhu..suprisingly, we managed to brings our own
homemade dish..since we want it to call as a port luck party. Huhu. What is
my dish?? hmm..just a simple sphagetti bolognese.  I managed to finished the
cooking last nite at 1am. Uwh..It’s tiring i tell ya. Tp takpela..since asd
sgt kepingin itu i feel so happy to made this for her. Masak simple2 jerr..

Anyway, we also hv rendang ayam, sambal sotong, ketupat instant made from other staff
and as well asssome fresh fruits.We had the party on the lunch hour and we hv so fun
lunching together. You know the facts that kami hanya get together if there is staff resigns.
Huh. What a bad signature huh.During the makan2, I seriously forgot that today is my birthday
since I was busy with the foods..ekekeke.. anyway,,the foods were lazat2.
Also..some pics were taken from neni’s camera.


Tgk tuh yg spaghetti tuh air tangan aku tau..uhuhuhu

Party kecik2 yet sgt enjoyed okeh!!! So..jgn nak mengata aku over okeh!!

Tuan punye kamera..teruja dgn sambal sotong mak dier..ekeekekek

Christine and KS…

See CM punye spare tyre..sudah kenyang ka??


The leaver…farewell party adalah utk member ini..

A Must Activity after the eating session..

Last but not least..musti mau ada pics kenang2an..huhu..


All in all…we had so much joy and appreciate the time we had treasure together. Anyway, we will miss you asd.. especially the time we spent together at the gym and also the session we had through the emails every single day. Take care babe…gud luck on your new job… tsk tsk….


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