Senorita..I am out of my Goody mood…


It’s 5.30pm…huhu..working time shld be finished by now. But I shld wait for hubby since today he only finished at 630pm. Tp we promised to have dinner at somewhere which we hv not decided yet. Sy sgt mau menonton cite eagle eye. Since last time we watched movie, and we watched the eagle eye’s gazzette.. it looks very interesting ok. Bile lak nak pi tgk nehhhhhhh? huhuuhu..

Ari ni got few things done. Manage to complete the user request but again, I am still hef no mood to see those piles of works.. adehai… fairy fairy..pls let me be in my dream world. Hmm..adehai.. perut not feeling well. Bloated and I felt sgt tired. Apakah itu?

hmm… I got some few draft entries. but I feel so malas to uploading the pics. me.. I need a very fine sleep at  a cosy room with spa and jacuzzi…. perhaps at one of the islands… huhu.. sgt berangan ok..

dah la aku sgt takde mood…


happy weekend readers……


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