Senorita, P.S I Love You….

Hye folks,

It has been a long time since my last entry, I had couple of entries which are still drafted.  I didn’t managed to finish my writing.. owhh! i just being ‘lazy’ to upload the pics… works are piling up and am so not in mood to read my writing all over again. Haha! who cares??

anyway, last weekend i hd forced Mr Shah to donwload this movie called PS I love You. goodness! The movie was so emotional until I couldnt stopped myself crying. I bet whoever watched this movie and did not cry at all.. you’re definitely have-no-feeling-abnormal-not-romantic- at all… muahaha… and most probably you’re egoistic.. boleh tak??

tp seriously, cerita sgt sedih and lawak ekceli. Since Lisa Kudrow with her characters, sometimes rase character dier mcm dlm Friends plak. Anyway, I dont care. Tp she’s cute and sgt funny in the movie. I love you Lisaaa!! huhuhu.. Hillary Swank as Holy sgt cantik and her acting was surreal. Gerard Butler as Jerry sgt sweet and handsome. I just really love his singing to Holy. Owh..tetibe I rase fall in love with him~ aku sangat sukaaaa!!~

So back to the movie, I heard this movie from somewhere..and I cudn’t believe that they really filmed this story. I did read its novel which the title is exactly the same and the author is Cecilia Ahern which I bought the novel 4 years back at the WHSmith Guilford. The novel was awesome and the movie was super super awesome i tell ya!!.. Now I felt like to read the novel again… harus balik kpg and grab the novel. I left it at kpg.

I even asked Mr Shah to watch the movie, but he refused to do so. Menyampah!!. Thats fine! Man wouldn’t understands. So, to the girls out there.. either you’re married or not…dun care. Its a MUST watch movie.  Haha… I know I sounds overreacting. Uh I dun care…

So guys, sila layan movie ini. and sila dapatkan movie ini secepat mungkin.. Klu tidak sgt kerugian. Overnye……..!!!


I just love this…. layaaaaannn!!


This one P.S I Love You official trailer..



p/s: Aku tau aku sgt emotional dan over emotional. Tp I’m so into this kinda movie. I just love it.  My flash dh ok. huhu..I am so happy. Boleh layan youtube…….huhuhu!!~

2 thoughts on “Senorita, P.S I Love You….

  1. Hud, aku pon sgtx10 ske dis moovee… Best gler sioot. Aku nanges x henti2….
    peh… emo gilak… huhuhu

  2. ekeke…tuh aaa pasal.. aku pon same. emo gile.. agaknye hormon preggies kot….. tp aku mmg emo aa skang ni… siyes!!!

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