A long silence..and Happy New Year!!

Hye there,

Rasenye mcm lame gile tak bercoretan…huhu.. I’ve been bz here n there. Year end with pile of workloads…and then a long holiday since the company offered us a week plus shutdown due to the global downturn. Anyway, I had enough rest tho. But here… the new year has come, 2009.. it’s already 12 Jan.  Never too late to have azam’s’ inspired you along this 2009.

So 2008 is now gone. Alhamdulillah, I’m still here breathing.. Apa yg I’ve achieved on 2008..

1) Loose some kilos.. a something to be proud of.  15kilos i guess..

 2) Getting married..of course..

3) We are safe from the tragic accident..my ‘kelly’ was in the bad injured..pity her.

3) Getting Pregnant

4) Successfuly end my first trimester…

4) Getting lazy..this mum-to-be sickness ok.. and it is not good.

5) I’m happier, we are happier, we are going to be daddy n mummy.

6) We got our ‘kelly’ in the very good condition. — after several times went to the bengkel fixing the problem.

Now on the 2009, I hope there is something good coming for us.


1) Successful deliver the baby, and I’m in good health and also the baby. Amin… 

2) More $$$ for the baby of course.. Allah, bless us please!!

3) Being a good wife n mummy..

3) Better better job..better better money.. ( I just declined one job offered last week..–  hope there are more coming… please please)

4) Buy a property…

5) On diet diet diet… definitely after delivering the baby..hehe

6) Hoping this year, we are being good than last year, more love, happier , happier, richer..with Allah’s bless..



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