Check-up update

Aku masok opis lambat since ade check-up today.

Remember, aku nye berat naik last 3kgs last check-up. SO the nurse decided to have another check-up in 2 wks time to see my weight.And…

too weight increased lagi 1.6kgs in 2 wks time. Huhu. Terrible kan?

Tp nasib baik tak minum air gula td. Aku rasa sbb utama berat aku naik ialah… aku susah sgt nak memberi~.. siyes and yet aku tak slalu makan sayur n minum plain water.  and aku nye appetite mmg menjadik2 bulan kene start diet plak ni. =)

I felt terrible. So the nurse ckp, they cannot simply order me to have the glucose test, so the will seek for the doctor’s advice first and will let you know before the nxt check-up which is another 2 weeks againnn!! Thus, the night before check-up aku kene berpuasa. Hmmm… I wish doctor wont recommend me to have the test. Amiinnn…~

And.. Starts from today..kena makan sayur byk2 n minum plenty of plain water.  Another new azam of 2009.. huhu..

Wish me luck… xoxo


5 thoughts on “Check-up update

  1. wah….kak d tau ke..kite silent reader..
    huhuhu…tp blog kak d bestlaa..time tgh tension2 lagi kaw2 punye best…tp kite silent jerklaa…

    anyway, jgn stop blogging tau. tak best ahh…

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