Weekend at Mahkota Guest House

Hye guys,

Last weekend, my mum ngan rombongan cik kiah nye telah membuat lawatan ke Melaka.  So mum asked us to accompany her kat hotel. Actually, she came along with my bro, Iwan and my youngest sis, Syafiqah and tagged along kawan syafiqah, Solehah. Hmm…  so my sis adelah gang kan, Yer aa budak2..klu tadak kawan, monyok jer muka dia.

So, they arrived dekat Mahkota Guest House dlm kol 3ptg, Saturday.  Yang best, view from bilik can see clearly the ‘Eye On Malaysia’, Leh katakan… good angle utk amek pix. Can see the whole ‘EOM’..Huhu….

So, I waited for Mr Shah at home since he’s working on Saturday. At 4 sumthing he arrived home. Then we packed up our stuff since we gonna spent the night at the hotel with them.   The moment we arrived there, they are on the boat cruising. Huhu.. How I missed to join them.  Takpelah… since we were late,  so  we went to Giant at Mahkota Parade to buy some food stuffs.

Later we arrived around 7+pm, mum told us that they goin to have barbeque tonite. Alamak..I’m so segan laa..yet I didn’t pay anything for the food. Huhu. Mum insisted us to join the barbeque as she had already told the PIC that we going to join the barbeque…

Well, when it comes to free food..sape la nak tolak kan. Walau malu2, tp org kata rezeki jangan ditolak, musuh jgn dicari. Huhu.. So, we both join laa..

Got ikan cencaru bakar, ayam, udang, hot dog, nasi jagung , bihun goreng and ape tah lagi.. Aku tak amek pon gambar since malu la plak kan… huhu.. so ktorg amek food and sit tight and concerntrate on makannnnn!! wuhuhu…

Then, everyone dah excited nak jalan2 pusing2 itu bandar hilir.

Our first destination, jeng jeng…..


Can see that?? Ape ituuu…………..



To be continued…………….

One thought on “Weekend at Mahkota Guest House

  1. aku tau apa dia dalam gambar tu. Menara Taming sari… Hhahahahaahah. tekaan yang tepat sekali. cane aku leh tau??? aku inform kat internet da… aku tak smpi lg kat sana.

    dpt lihat pemandangan ke kat menara tu? best ke tak?

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