About Giving Birth….

Last week, aku watched few videos from babycentre.  Videos of human giving birth.  Ade 3 videos, natural birth, water birth and c-section.

1) Natural Birth – looks sgt sakit masa concraction. His Her hubby helping her massaging her body to ease the labor pain.  And later after that, baby safely delivered. I saw that was amazing moment. Tetibe aku rasa mcm, I can feel it. 


Nampak tak? Kepala baby kat luar tuh.....



the baby on his way out to see his mummy for the very first time..

 2) Water Birth – sgt tenang and calm. Rase mcm senang jer how she delivered the baby.  Maybe the water tuh make us feel calm kot n easy utk contraction. Tp tataula whether kat Hospital kt Mesia ni praktik Water Birth. Mungkin ade, tp aku maybe tatau.


Water Birth is Not Safe, If You.....


Pool for water birth



huhuhu... censored sket!!


Dah kuar...Baby dier agak kebiru-biruan kan??


3) C-Section Birth, which kena operate la jawabnye.  Tgk she didn’t feel sgt the pain like the natural one. Tp once after delivered, aku nampak cam she’s in pain, dgn wayar pelbagai kat muka n tangan. Klu c-section, normally ade special case like, baby besar, ade sakit like diabetes or darah tinggi or lain2 yg aku tak tau.


Reasons for C-Section.....


perut dibelah-belah...huhuhu


baby sudah keluar...uwekkk..uweekk!!

Sorrylaa aku just dpt story-mory je kat sini.. ni pon leh print screen kan video tuh since dier tak leh link unless you all pi sendiri kat website www.babycentre.com and register, then you can find dekat link videos.

Aku saje wat research. Huhu. Its my first time tgk natural birth. Pheh!! Aku rasa time tuh sakit dh takde dah bile tgk baby dh kuar n start nangis. Can’t wait for that moment!! 3mths plus to go for us to unite….. =)


3 thoughts on “About Giving Birth….

  1. weh takut aku tgk yg normal tu…mcm nak jatuh dari katil pun ade tapi water bath cam paling cool la..eh no maksud aku paling tak sakit…

  2. hmm…tuhlaa, tgk water birth paling cool… mcm best tp gerun baby tuh… lambat nangis and mcm biru2 sket skin dier at first tuh.

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