Congratulations to Siet and O.G!!


Congratulations for the first newborn baby of O.G and Siet (abg long and kak long) named Khaliff Yusoff bin Mohd Syazwan (not sure whether the ejaan is correct or not) on 17.03.2009 at 8.16pm, weighted 3.38kgs.

Kak long had c-section since baby’s head and shoulder quite big so had to c-sec. Anyway, takpelah as long as Kak Long and baby Khaliff is sihat.

Tak sabar nak tgk picture baby, hopefully abg long got update at his friendster. 

If Mr Shah is cuti, hopefully we all boleh visit them at Putrajaya.

Updated 4.43pm: 

Baru dpt tgk gambar comel baby khaliff from abg long’s friendster.


Below pic came with title Spot the Difference. Haha! Mmg sebijik!! Bak kata, Like father like son.. sama jerk, mcm photostat machine lak. Hehehe..


Geram tgk pipi dier. Dh nampak ke’chubby’an.. geram..geramm!!Later bila I dpt visit.. for sure lagi chubby… hehehe…

Kak Long and Abg Long, selamat menjaga baby Khaliff, and selamat menghadapi hari-hari kenakalan and kecomelan si kecik Khaliff….


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