Tired. Tired. Tired.


I am tired of being too much tired. Lots of work and I hate it…!!! It’s good to have a nap just for couple mins but I dont see any space for that. Huh!! I am too tired of being sleepy. Sheeshh.. tired again.

Uh.. today,  I am fasting. Perhaps it makes me even more tired.

Last nite we went to Parkson for the Grand Sale. Able to grab Phillips Avent-Newborn Starter Set with 20% discounts. Uh.. thats so worth it. Bought a short sleeve romper from Baby Kiko for only RM16. Huh, thats so cheap. They had 50% less.  We dont have much for the baby yet. Sian baby… haih!!

We still in the midst of thinking to buy the WOODEN BABY COT 


OR may be the SWEETCHERRY BABY PLAYARD, Rabien Baby Bed..


Hmm… Mr Shah preferred to buy the wooden one but i think its a bit pricey for that. You got to find the mattress, the bedding, the net, the stand… but the Sweetcherry baby bed comes together with everything plus the baby basket.  I know..I know.. the only things that I love on the sweetcherry one is the baby basket. Hehehe… but its good to have all in one theme. But not sure how long its gonna be survived anyway. Mr Shah keep saying if our baby boy being naughty, doing the superman action and jumping all over the bed.. not sure it can survived for his future adik or not. (uhh.. future adik??)

Takpelah.. lets him to decide laa. Malas nak pikir.


5 thoughts on “Tired. Tired. Tired.

  1. huhuhuhu…senasib aa hud!!! non-stop working from last wk till now..sabtu + ahad inlcuded! wuawawaaa!!! exhausted!!!

  2. izan – hehehhehe… tuhla pasal kan!!

    leed – huhu… yerla, penat..penat!! tak larat..jalan pon slow gile dah ni…mengalahkan org dh 9 bulan…anyway, make sure you have enough rest!! you have another mth to go…huhuhuh… takott!~

  3. wargh…akupun rs seram hud..aku seram sb nk jd bini org
    pstu masuk phase ko ngn kekwn ko..
    anyway, wish u all the best laa

    postlaa bebyk blog
    aku suke bace kisah ko..kehkeh

  4. askz – ekeke.. jgn seram2!! sumer2 ni adalah sickness yg indahhhhh… huhuhuhu….

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