Sungguh Tak Best!!

Just received a not-good news,

My Gym Instructor has been retrenched by the company.  They said temporarily.  Tarak idea how temporary it is. But they havent paid him for 4 mths already. Thats bad and then the worst is, he has been asked to quit the job. He only came to ask for the payment but what he got is so unfortunate..

Aku baru je berangan after deliver nak pegi gym.. and rindu bangat dgn suasana gym. Plus, my gym instructor is the BESTT!! James,we gonna miss you!! Uhuk..uhuk..  Dah lame tak jumpa James, since I dah confirm preggie until now and later after my cuti labor, wont see his face anymore at the gym. 😦  And mcmmana nak buat squat and all, without gym instructor. Tensionnnyeee!!! Takde dah org nak bebel2 kat aku..dont eat this, dont eat that, plus he is very good in any kind of issues that we talked about. Sungguh tak best!! Bencilaa… 😦 

So sorry for you James. Later, klu ade mase we can hang out or we will pay a visit at the Gan Boon Leong Gym plak ok!!. Lucky, you still have another job there.



James and Askz


Note:  Keje byk. User call bertalu2 . Sumer pon nak urgent. Abih tu nak mthend cutoff baru nak call kan..ape ke hal!! Yg jadi mangsanya adalah aku jugak!!! Takpelah… itulah namanya pon KERJAAAAAA!!!


3 thoughts on “Sungguh Tak Best!!

  1. Kesiannyer James…..sampai 4 bulan tak dibayar…..nak buat camne dalam keadaan sekarang mcm2 blh jadi…….

    Takpe….huda x lama lg boleh cuti panjang…..rehatkan otak dari keje….

  2. Kak Lin, tak best lah!! Baru berangan nak pi gym. Lgpon dh lamer giler tak jumpe james. Sian plak kat dia….. 😦

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