Congratulations to Leed and Azrul!!


This morning, I received a txt msg from my dear friend Lydia. She safely gave birth to a baby girl named Nujumul A’ishah bt Azrul Azhar this early morning. Namanye sgt cute.  Not sure the details yet.

Later, I will update the details. Anyway, mmg quite awal Leed bersalin. Supposed, if I’m not mistaken 11th May, and now dah bersalin. Konfiden jerk leed nak start cuti 1st May. Tup tup dah kuar dah baby.  I have a feeling, leed mesti bersalin awal since she got to travel everyday to her work place. Normally, aku dgr org cakap, klu kita slalu travel, baby kuar cepat. Huhuhu…

Haish.. best nye Leed & Azrul dah selamat jadik mummy and daddy. Mesti cute giler baby Nujumul A’ishah mcm mummy and daddynye.

Anyway, Leed..Selamat Berpantang and berehat puas2.  Jgn dok igt keje. Hehe.. She’s been working hard during her pregnancy due to new job placement. So aku rase what a relieves, now she got her time to rest.

Congratulations again to both Leed and Azrul, you’re on the beginning of the new era.. Hope everything going well during your confinement and selamat menjaga baby Nujumul A’ishah.


Insya-Allah, kalau tiada aral, kami akan dtg melawat Leed and baby Nujumul A’ishah. (haishh..Kak Long pon kami tak pegi melawat lagi..huhuh!)

**Update – cilok pic of Leed’s baby, Nujumul from Ilot’s blog. Thanks babe.. !! 😉


* I’m tremendously happy for them. Can’t wait for my moment plak. Haishh..cuakkk cuakk…  45 days to go to 🙂


3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Leed and Azrul!!

  1. hehe
    tu la..aku arap..ko jgn laa bersalin dlu..b4 aku kawin
    dptlaa ko jenguk aku nnt~~

    Dear Little R..
    Ni auntie asd nk ckp sket…jgn nakal2..duk dlm piyot mummy tu..snyp2..kuar pd tarikh sptutnye~~
    be good boy..
    sok kalo auntie ade anak ppuan..ley jodohkan…

  2. Dear Auntie Asd,
    Sy dh tak sabar jumpe mummy and daddy saye.
    Nnt auntie asd, cepat2 buat baby girl tau!
    and then sy boley suh mummy cepat2 masok meminang.. hehe
    tp sy kena blaja pandai2 dulu. 😉

    from, little R.

  3. harap maklum, skrg musim beranak awal.. jadi di jangka ko juga bakal beranak awal.. simpan je la cita2 nak gi berjalan2..

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