I’m back..

After few days w/out entry.. I’m finally back. 

Tade, been bz lately plus cuti lagi, I hef a lots of work to get done. So, hv to focus more on the tasks given by ms. boss. Anyway, tak bestla skang, mereka sudah block friendster and facebook. Tensionnyeeee!!!

Last nite, hujan agak lebat. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Dapat jugak aku tidur dengan nyenyaknye. Even takdela cukup sgtkan, tp still I have a quality sleep finally. Takde rase panas, badan melekit2 , gatal2 and all. Sejuk2 pon still tak pandang selimut smpi morning my leg cramps.  Hehe.. padan muke!!!

Now, my right hand pon started to feel numb. Wrist rase lenguh sgt.  Uhuk..

This week, dh 2 hari I prepared dinner for both of us. Normally, we went out for dinner. Since, we bought byk lauk like sotongla, daging and whole chicken, so tak mo membazir..baik balik rumah masak jer.  Lagipon makan kat rumah lagi bagus, takde ajinamoto and jimat plak tuh.  Penat2 pon, panas2 pon.. still larat jugak klu masak simple2.  So later after masak, Mr Shah need to help me urut my hands to ease the numbness.  When talking about masak, Mr Shah akan surrender if I ask him to cook. Seboleh2 dier taknak and sanggup p dabao kat luar. Haish.. nak tak nak, saya mesti masak jugak. Later he will help me do the washing up and clean the kitchen and also prepare the table. So, takpela kan, its a fair and square for both of us.  

Its 29 days to GOOO.. and takot but aku percaya the excitement to meet our little prince can overcome my fear. Huhu..  Mintak2 dipermudahkan. Insya-Allah.. doakan aku yerk!!!


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