Yeay!!..and Not Yeay!!

I’ve decided not to sit for the test. I know mcm rugi kan… Since, mr Shah and my mum not encourage me to go for the test.. So, maybe nxt time. After deliver perhaps. Klu pegi skang, mcm boleh lulus kan!! So, takpelah… I can have my nice and calm day in the office today w/out stressing my brain to hafal2 itu dan ini……You know test tuh adalah theory test and passing rate is 70%… uhukkkkk!! Bukan senang nak dpt Microsoft certified .. haishh!! So takyah pening2..tak usah datang teros kan!!Yeay..!!

Hari ni lupe bwk hp and too bad, office is in the shut down mode. So no operator working. Aku dial 0, siap operator leh cakap, “Our Office is close for the holidays. Have A Nice Holiday.” and terus hang up. Haishhh..  dept aku jer tak penah nak holiday. Bz 24jam.. now mcmmane aku nak bgtau Mr Shah that I forgot to bring my hp, and also he oso cannot call my office phone, sbb the stupid answering machine didn’t asked for the ext number and lagi malang, my off phone is not a direct line phone. Haiyohhhhh….

Malas nye nak berjalan carik public phone. Hmmm… ceruk mane ade public ni huh??? Klu jumpe belom tau leh gune ke tak public phone tuh… Uhukkk..

Benci. Benci…………… 😦 Not Yeay!!!


P/S; Kak Zila, if you reading this,  Happy Belated Birthday!! Sorry for the belated wishes. Pls check your mail.  I’m having a bad memory loss recently. Sume pon nak lupe. Haiyohh…. problematic!!! Pagi tadi tetibe tgh mandi, bday Kak Zila dh lepas. Ampun yer Kak Ila, bukan sengaja.. den betol2 lupooo… tp den masih igt lagi your sexy tahi lalat di mana… ekekekek!!


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