Tak sempat

Tak sempat lagi nak continue cerita pasal delivery aku. Busy melayan Rayyan.  Jahitan kat bawah tuh mcm dh tak rase sakit dah. Tp still trauma utk buang air. Hehehe…

Rayyan bangun every 2hours lately utk minum susu. So, melayan my dear honey bunch.. walaupon tak cukup tidor tp it makes me so happy seeing his faces. Skrg, Rayyan makin suke senyum. Rugi daddy dier tak dpt tgk. Daddy is working and busy nak kemas barang coz later we all akan pindah rumah. By the time we get back to Melaka, kite akan ke rumah baru. We misses daddy so much, daddy miss us even more… btol tak daddy?

One big smile for daddy…..



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