Senorita..Welcome Back!!


Dah lama gila rasanya aku tinggalkan dunia blogging. Fuh.. More than 2 years I guess..

Anyway, tetiba hari ni rindu nak berblogging.. so Please welcome me back to the blog world.

Seperti biasa kerja menggila, anak-anak melasak. Oh yer.. I have 2 kids now. A super lasak boy,

Rayyan proudly 3 years 5 mths,


and soon to be lasak..i guess so =), meet my daughter 1year 10mths – Rania.


For all these years, being a working mum was a super challenge for me. Tiring but I know it worth.. someday!! Insyaa Allah!  Bila pergi kerja, I missed these two notty kids. Bila balek rumah, haiyoo.. kapal karam. But still I have not feeling angry with them. They are so adorable with their cheeky smile.

Gotta go, wait till we meet again. Sure..I will come back again. Xoxo


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