“Bad” man

Read this and this

Marah. Marah sangat. Ada juga manusia yang tiada sifat belas kasihan dan kasih sayang pada budak sekecil itu. Budak kecil yang tidak tahu apa-apa, yang sememangnya bukan lawan dia. Dia ni ibarat “jantan” pengecut, jadikan kanak-kanak sebagai lawan. Bodoh. Ada juga manusia opss! “binatang bertopengkan manusia” wujud dalam dunia ni. Even binatang pun masih ada perasaan.

The minutes after I watched the video, I burst into tears. I couldn’t stand seeing that little boy helpless. I wish I could at least, punched him in the face. Be a “Super Kluang Girl Woman” to help that boy out. I pitied the other 2 little kids who were there, they had to see the inhumanity. It such a big violent.  The bad thing is, they don’t even understands what was happening.  I am really really glad when I read on one of the online newspaper that he has been arrested. I wish he will carry death penalty as a punishment. Abusing is damn bad, lead to dark future for the kiddos. I wish that little boy is in better condition now. Sleep well dear kid. Forget what had happened, enjoy your kiddy time.

I thought on putting the video here, but I’ve changed my mind. I couldn’t stand watching them again. If you want to see, Go search you tube!!


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