Dine In..


Roasted Breast Chicken with Sweet Peas Pastatti

Note : Pastatti is Pasta + Spaghetti   (Hehe!!)

Roasted Chicken Breast

Marinate chicken breast with fine blend of ginger, garlic, lemongrass, soy sauce, chilli powder, oyster sauce, seasoning salt, sugar, mixed herbs, parsley and black pepper. Keep it in fridge for 30 mins. Longer time will do, lagi sedap.

Sweet Peas Pastatti

stir fry garlic (finely chopped), chopped fresh tomato, sausage, sweet peas + seasoning mixed herbs, parsley, black pepper, salt and bit of sugar (if you want it), mixed together with boiled pasta shell + spaghetti, * More black pepper will do, or some dried chilli

Kids will love it!! and U too….  ❤

Dinner is served. Enjoy your dinner everyone!!


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