Adek’s POU…


Pou not feeling well

Adek latest game. Her name is POU. Adek loves it so much.  Everytime she went dirty, adek’ll quickly go and wash pou with soap. Then when she is hungry, adek’ll buy some foods for pou. Definitely all the food she bought was candy and chocolates. Then, when she ate so much, she will become fatter, then i will quickly go beserk and asked adek to buy fat burner. They even have fat burner i tell ya’ll..  mak dia plak yg over kan. Mcm2 laa.. play games when pou gets boring, feed her, give medicine, wash her poo poo, adek now is so attached with her pou. My hub said, “Pou ni pon dah macam mak dia, bam bam…” mak dia of coursela dak adek. Huhuhu…


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