His first day at school

Today we both are on leave from work dek kerana menghantar anakanda tersayang ke sekolah! Sekolah Main Main org kata. My first intention, i wish he can build social skills by mixing around with people at his age. Second, we open a book and ask him to read ABC or 123, he was just ignoring me. Until now he can only write a word A and none others. He knows some colours but all dark colours he called it Black. Haha.. maybe I am not type of good teacher mother, thus I wish if I send him to school, so he would be able to learn something and develop his brain at this age. By the way, school only few hours 12pm to 4pm. Dear baby sitter is willing to send him to school which is few houses away only from her house.


He held me to tight, asked me to not leave him


After the playing session, finally he let go of my hand! And he was found sit nicely on his chair while holding a pencil. So I quickly left him, without saying anything. Actually, I was just outside, look at him from far.



Adek being so nice, waiting for abang outside the school. ” Bro, Dont worry I’ll be always beside you!”

ImageAdek very nice with school bag and dear pacifier! Hmmm…


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