Homemade Fish & Chips


Homemade Fish & Chips with mushroom sauce made with Love.

Fish : Frozen Dory Fish, Dipped with tepung  goreng serbaguna & breadcrumbs, then fry until golden brown.

Mushroom Sauce : Button mushroom, butter, milk, wheat flour, black pepper, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, gula + garam, sedikit air.

Salad : Mixed Salad with Blanched Carrots, Sweet Peas, Broccoli

Chips : Beli any chips for market and goreng mcm biase.

Total Calories Counted:

1. Fish Fillet                                       172 (Per 100g serving)

2. Mixed Vegetables                      30 ( 1 cup)

3. Mushroom Sauce                       10 ( per serving)

4. Chips                                                293 (113g)

Mine is 222 cal.  Nope I didn’t take the chips, that one for husband. I have 2 portions of mushroom sauce though.  ( “_,)




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