Mee Suah


Mee Suah Soup with Veggies & Black Fungus (Cloud Ears)

(saute some onions and garlics (Chopped fine), diced breast chicken + water, then let it boiled , put some tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, any veg. will do. Seasoning, salt, pepper ( a bit), then put mee suah and last but not least egg. Don’t wait too long, enough until the egg is half cooked, then dinner is served ya’ll) * if you love spicy, put some chillies, the green one. Sure terangkat! Be careful, mee suah soaked with water very fast! 

Slurp..slurp!! Mummy ape tuh? Hmm..sedapnya mummy! Kita nak lagi…,” that was Rayyan said an hour ago. He felt a sleep after 2 bowls of mee suah soup. While adek ate most of the chicken on the mee suah. And what’s more left for me, I’ve to finish the veggies and the black fungus. I love when a meal with black fungus, i just love the crunchiness. Plus, Black fungus is good for improving blood circulations. Yummehh!! This would be fastest meal if I went back home late. Just like mee maggi but you’re having mee suah with lots and lots of veggies. Easy and I think most kids would love it. Plus husband is not at home. Hik hik..      Peace daddy!

Mee Sua is lesser calories than rice vermicelli. Per serving Mee Sua is 180 cals, while vermicelli rice is 280 cals. *Resources from 

Some Information:-

Preparation: Fungus must be soaked in warm water prior to use (15 minutes for small, 30 minutes for large). It swells to many times its size. After soaking, the fungus is rinsed thoroughly and trimmed of the tough, gritty part where it was attached to the wood. Then, particularly if using the large variety, it is cut into pieces of a suitable size and shape before adding to a dish.

Medicinal uses: Black fungus has a reputation in Chinese herbal medicine for increasing the fluidity of the blood and improving circulation. It is given to patients who suffer from atherosclerosis. Western medicine is now investigating centuries-old claims made by Eastern sages and finding them surprisingly accurate.


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