Big portions!!


Big portions for carbs lover. Roasted Breast Chicken with baked potatos & black pepper gravy with spaghetti and mixed salad. Yummmm..yum.. Sorry 4 the lumpy gravy, hahahaha… i guess too much flour. But it’s still tasted good with the potatos.

Baked potatos – mixed with parsley n mixed herbs n a bit of salt. Cover with aluminium foils. Baked for at least 60mins 250°c.   i used american white potato, quite big in size. Sweet n creamy. Delicious!!

Spaghetti – saute dice onions n garlic, put a spoonful tomato sauce (i didnt have any fresh tomato dat time). Use normal spoon, u should balance ur volume of ur spaghetti. Mine is a small portions, about one small bowl of spaghetti. Then,  seasoning, salt,herbs,oregano n all. Last but not least, mixed together with ur spaghetti. My first attempt using tomato sauce in bottle. It was not bad at all. Walla… try it! I loved it.


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