Selera Rayyan


Ikan selar masak pındang
Ikan goreng garıng
Sayur bayam goreng

Selera Rayyan, my eldest. He wıll keep askıng for more rıce untıl we fınıshed up the whole dısh. Owh my dear!  I love ıt when seeıng you have the appetıte to eat. Whıle for Ranıa, she ıs happy eater. She eats everythıng-tolak batu dan kayu, she ıs the one who ıs not afraıd to try. Kalau x sedap, dıa reject. Klu sedap, she wıll ask for more. I love you my baby..

Note : bz bz as bee..bzbzbzzzbzzzz


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