Dine In..


Roasted Breast Chicken with Sweet Peas Pastatti

Note : Pastatti is Pasta + Spaghetti   (Hehe!!)

Roasted Chicken Breast

Marinate chicken breast with fine blend of ginger, garlic, lemongrass, soy sauce, chilli powder, oyster sauce, seasoning salt, sugar, mixed herbs, parsley and black pepper. Keep it in fridge for 30 mins. Longer time will do, lagi sedap.

Sweet Peas Pastatti

stir fry garlic (finely chopped), chopped fresh tomato, sausage, sweet peas + seasoning mixed herbs, parsley, black pepper, salt and bit of sugar (if you want it), mixed together with boiled pasta shell + spaghetti, * More black pepper will do, or some dried chilli

Kids will love it!! and U too….  ❤

Dinner is served. Enjoy your dinner everyone!!


D.I.Y Passport Photo

Since my baby son Rayyan is going to school next year…uuuhh! actually we are nearly reaching next year in couple more days!! Uhuhu… so so so, we’re having some small DIY project at home. Luckily hubby at home and no working no no no on Christmas! We so lucky, is his birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday Sayang!! We ❤ You!!

Ok back on track! So we need to pass in his passport photo too. I know a lot of you outta been doing the same too.

We need,

Background(blue in colour), Camera, Photo paper, Printer with colour, Cutter

Let’s look our studio,

                                   Image                    Image  

The steps,

Adik being the model for the day. Look at all my blurred photos, she was enjoying this so much!! Luckily I have my office uniform which is in blue colour, so we hang the shirt and put a stool just like in the kedai gambar studio. Hehehe!!  Hubby is the photographer while I am the assistant to make sure they are behaving well during the shoots. Rayyan was not cooperative though.. Cried once or twice i think then after that his eyes was all red. Haishh.. Adek was being so sporting but could not stand still, but she is better than abang. After all we need abang photo not adek!! Adoii!

Image  Image


Look at Adek, atas before mandi and bawah after mandi. Funny la you!! Not like Abang, He was not interested at all. I cannot imagine how he is going to behave if we go to photo shop to snap his passport pictures.

Finally, chose the best shot. We chose the last piece. Nasib baik, ade jugak yang bolehlaaaa..!!! So, proceed to next stage, transfer those pictures, make some cropping or snipping, make sure the passport size, we use 3.5 cm x 5 cm. You can search on the net the passport size. Then arrange the photos nicely..then Ctrl P. Make sure to use photo paper. Use cutter and cut nicely, put some white border to make it real.  It makes so perfect and the best thing it is FREE of course.



“Bad” man

Read this and this

Marah. Marah sangat. Ada juga manusia yang tiada sifat belas kasihan dan kasih sayang pada budak sekecil itu. Budak kecil yang tidak tahu apa-apa, yang sememangnya bukan lawan dia. Dia ni ibarat “jantan” pengecut, jadikan kanak-kanak sebagai lawan. Bodoh. Ada juga manusia opss! “binatang bertopengkan manusia” wujud dalam dunia ni. Even binatang pun masih ada perasaan.

The minutes after I watched the video, I burst into tears. I couldn’t stand seeing that little boy helpless. I wish I could at least, punched him in the face. Be a “Super Kluang Girl Woman” to help that boy out. I pitied the other 2 little kids who were there, they had to see the inhumanity. It such a big violent.  The bad thing is, they don’t even understands what was happening.  I am really really glad when I read on one of the online newspaper that he has been arrested. I wish he will carry death penalty as a punishment. Abusing is damn bad, lead to dark future for the kiddos. I wish that little boy is in better condition now. Sleep well dear kid. Forget what had happened, enjoy your kiddy time.

I thought on putting the video here, but I’ve changed my mind. I couldn’t stand watching them again. If you want to see, Go search you tube!!

Senorita..Welcome Back!!


Dah lama gila rasanya aku tinggalkan dunia blogging. Fuh.. More than 2 years I guess..

Anyway, tetiba hari ni rindu nak berblogging.. so Please welcome me back to the blog world.

Seperti biasa kerja menggila, anak-anak melasak. Oh yer.. I have 2 kids now. A super lasak boy,

Rayyan proudly 3 years 5 mths,


and soon to be lasak..i guess so =), meet my daughter 1year 10mths – Rania.


For all these years, being a working mum was a super challenge for me. Tiring but I know it worth.. someday!! Insyaa Allah!  Bila pergi kerja, I missed these two notty kids. Bila balek rumah, haiyoo.. kapal karam. But still I have not feeling angry with them. They are so adorable with their cheeky smile.

Gotta go, wait till we meet again. Sure..I will come back again. Xoxo

Biskut Dan Milo

Huhu.. ada apa dgn entry di atas??

Takde pape sebenarnya,pagi ni malas nak makan roti, malas nak masak. jadiknya buat air milo and di tambah pula biskut kering, cicah2 pon sodap. And this menjadik feveret sampingan aku sejak berpantang ari tuh.

Anyway, malam tadi dan malam2 yg sebelomnya, my little one susah btol nak tido. Dah bagi 7oz susu, then golek2 atas katil, still tamau tido. Then after sejam kot or nearly sejam, dia menangis.. menangis… merengek2.. rupenye nak susu lagi. Then, I offered him another 4oz susu, punye excited nampak botol susu.. then baru leh tido. Kenapa ek??? Adakah kurang makan? Kurang kenyang?

Hmmmm…. anyway, aku dah successfully bagi Rayyan bubur + ikan + sayur (blended).. Alhamdulillah, he likes it so much! Apa jer dia tak suka kan.. sumer pon dia nak mamam… ;p